segunda-feira, setembro 05, 2016

The heart that no longer is.

A heart that doesn't love is a heart that slowly dies, a little bit more every day. The heart was created in order to feel all the emotions and if one of them, the most important of all, fails, the heart is condemned to oblivion. The forgetness of it sets a path to solitude and to the destrution of the soul. We were made with the only purpose of loving onne another. And all other emotions are forever linked to the master of them all: love. Without love we can not feel. We are just zombies, passing through life, numb in all ways.

And the heart is slowly dying when it doesn't have someone to give himself to. Because the heart needs a owner. Without it it becames lost, wondering around with no place to go. And if it doesn't knows the feeling of belonging it will just start to shrink until it becames a shadow of what it used to be. And nothing is sadder that a heart that longer is.

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